At azure77, we try make working with us as easy as possible. Below are a few frequently asked questions and some helpful tips that may assist you in your selection process.

Hiring Us.

  • Why choose us?

    Professional agency quality for a smaller price.

    Here at azure77 we are not a "volume" business, but moreso a quality studio. Design is our passion and we have completed over 10,000 projects in two decades. We take a personalize approach in working with our clients and want to assist you in the success of your endeavor. Many clients have a need to be highly competitive in their respective markets, but it can be difficult to go up against a giant with deep financial reserves that are assisted by huge advertising agencies. We are here to provide agency quality work and a substantial discount. We love fighting for the little guy! So if you want to be more competitive, look more professional and really engage your audience, give azure77 a try today!

  • How are you different from Fiverr and the others?

    Our quality and experience.

    In terms of creative services, there is usually not a on-size-fits-all succuessful model. For the extreme budget conscience client that may be just starting off, we believe you can find gold anywhere as long as you have the time and patience to look. While azure77 is not as inexpensive some other services, we are much more affordable than large, big-city style agencies. We have won multiple design awards and have a loyal client base. We also find that we are widely more personal with our clients than other large agencies that many of our clients appreciate. In the end, we find that our niche is the client that wants a pro, but can't afford a five figure agency retainer. They want to be competitive while keeping their creative service costs under control.

  • What services do you provide?

    Virtually all forms of visual creative services.

    We provide, pretty much, the full gamut of creative services that most other large agencies provide. To keep it simple, here is a list of current service offerings:

    • Art Direction
    • Graphic Design
    • Page Layout
    • Web Design
    • Motion Design
    • Broadcast Design
    • Product Design
    • Cinematography
    • Videography
    • 3D Modeling
    • 3D Animation

  • What is your design process?

    Inquire. Outline. Execute.

    We try to identify what the intent of your project and what it is that the client is hoping to recieve from the consumer and then work backwards. We believe that the "client's goal" is the most important aspect of the process and it defines how our artists move forward. Once our inquiry form is filed out and/or phone consultation, we outline a plan for your deliverables and then execute that plan for maximum effectiveness.

  • What are your turnaround times?

    3 - 14 days for most services.

    Every creative project is different and unique and we take a personalized approach to your business. Because of this, depending on the complexity of the request it takes on average about 2-3 business day for more simpler requests such as flyer/poster and business card designs. There is an average time of about 3-7 days for more creative projects like book/magazine covers and logo designs, and up to two weeks for more complex items like video projects, magazine layouts and large website design. Rush services are available at additional costs.

  • How do we get started?

    We move as fast as you!

    We require deposits up front for most services and in some instances, full payment is required to start. Other arrangements such as purchase orders are available for large organizations and agencies. Once payment is recieved and all forms/contracts have been properly filled out, we begin immediately!

  • What forms of payment do you except?

    All major credit cards and business checks.

    Our business is conducted mostly online and most convential forms of payments are accepted and secured through paypal currently. Bitcoin, CashApp, Venmo and ApplePay payments coming summer 2018!

Helpful Tips.

  • How can we keep out costs down?

    Edit and finalize text before submission.

    The key to keeping your costs under control, which is the goal of most, is really identifying what the goal is and being "ready to go!". Exhorbitant revisions are usually the prime subject of a budget killer! Here at azure77 we provide three free revisions once the concept is agreed upon by the client based on the creative brief and/or consultation. Getting the brief right meany you are ready to go and normally there are little to no problems. In some cases a client can become torn between multiple concepts and require more revisions to really fall in love with the design. This is seen mostly in logo design and cover design. This is totally normal and we work hard to make sure you love the designs that you have. In many cases a more extensive revision process is needed and an increase in budget should accompany those expectations. But normally if clients follow these three simple rules, we've found that services are often completed on time and on budget:

    01. Edit and finalize ALL text before submission. If you are still developing any text, realize this will most likely effect your number of revisions. Having any and all authority in your organization sign-off on any content and text before submission is key to keeping your costs down. This brings us to...
    02. Make sure all decision makers in your organization are involved at every step. Oftentimes, many clients like to review and edit designs and documents throughout the revision stages. We are very used to this process here because we realize for many, it is a necessity. But for the more budget conscience client, it is pertinent that everything has been signed-off-on" by any key decision makers within your organization.
    03. Remember what your goal is! We love the artistry of design here and we find that when artwork is merged with proven, industry standard practices and data-driven marketing practices, it is often gold for our clients! Many clients may need to utilize conventional forms of brand development, such as focus groups and surveys. It is important that you align what your goals are, with the concepts that you request. We work very hard to keep that in mind as we provide services, but we will always do as our clients instruct. What you may want to prevent are things that can occur such as developing a childish concept for an adult audience. Having to go back to square one is definately a budget killer.

  • How to submit artwork or content?

    WeTransfer. Dropbox. Email...to name a few.

    We usually use dropbox to share and exchange content. This way, our point of contact can choose to include others as they wish to be included in the decision making process. We also use WeTransfer.com to transfer larger files as well as for final delivery in some instances. We are highly adaptable though, and can work usually with any infrastructure or client preference.

  • How to deal with a limited budget?

    Start small, then build.

    Often a client has many expectations, but may not have a budget to complete everything that they want. We have found that starting out simple, monetizing and then building out has proven to work. You may want to start with a logo and a website. Once you have an online presence established and a brand, as sales increase you can build out to business cards, brochures, posters, etc.

  • How to select a creative services provider?

    Our portfolios.

    Chosing a creative services provider is probably the same as hiring anyone else. You usally want to look at the reputation of the company and what it has before. We always recommend looking at any agencies portfolio to get a glimpse of how professional their work is. We have done over 10,000 projects in the last two decades and try to keep our portfolio up to date. You can find our recent work here. If you have an idea and don't see any representation, please email us an inquiry.